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Murcia tops tables for population growth

The region of Murcia is experiencing phenomenal growth in its population and has seen the number of residents increase by 165,124 between the years 2002 and 2007. The majority of new residents 118,189 are foreigners. The growth for the region for his period is 13.5%,

To put this into perspective 33,000 new residents arrived each year according to the results of the statistics collated by La Caixa. Last year the region had just over 1.39 million inhabitants and of every 10 new Murcianos 7 were immigrants.

The other communities with high growth rates were Valencia, The Balearics, Castilla la Mancha and Cataluña.

And if you are lover of facts and figures, here are some more interesting facts about Murcia.
  • We are also second in the table for number of bank branches with a further 20.2% of banks and 31.5% more savings banks opening between 2001 and 2008. Well all those residents need somewhere to stash their money!
  • Modern technology could do with a boost though, it is “call waiting” for a telephone line with only 329 per 1000 inhabitants. Pass the mobile!
  • And if you are thinking of betting broadband, you can join the 121 people per 1000 inhabitants who have it.
  • The population growth has meant an increase in the number of vehicles and as a result traffic jams for the region. Car ownership has grown by 29.5% and there are now just over a million vehicles on the regions roads. That is some traffic queue!

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